We're Britain's only specialist media repackaging source for Libraries and Education, and still an independent supplier! We have added a large number of new lines, reflecting the rapid changes in the media market So you can still get all your audio visual, audio book, video and software games accessories in one go, getting the best out of your valuable and costly multimedia stock. And now there are softback book covers too!

Depending on your own organisation's current structure, our catalogue may be of interest to several departments. If colleagues wish to go on our mailing list as well, please e-mail, fax or phone us details.

Several new types of double DVD case, a smaller CO Audio Book case, and by popular request cassette Audio Book Boxes for 18, 20 and 22 tapes, alongside the welcome return of children's size cassette audio book boxes. Updated BBFC video certification labels, and ideas to extend lines from the range into new media areas such as Playstation games software are also featured, as are head cleaning kits for resale. And of course our first range of softback book jackets!

We make it easy to identify all the items you need, by grouping together under each media heading all the items associated with that media - helping each department compile its order.

And now, there are combined discounts throughout the catalogue, helping you make your budget go further, and making it easier to get free delivery!

With our system of discounts for quantity, remember that you need only reach the carriage free level on just one item to receive the rest of your order carriage free, even if the other quantities don't qualify on their own - and this applies anywhere in the UK. We really don't like charging carriage, so please ring to discuss how to avoid it if you wish.

What's more, if we don't have everything in stock when you order that's our problem not yours, so even if you can't make up a carriage free order, we won't charge for carriage twice when we deliver!

Order Online from our website www.windmilidistribution.co.uk, or by fax, phone or on your official order form, or using our manual order form or bestseller order form by post. Just quote your order number and we'll do the rest! Prices exclude VAT. E&OE. We're always pleased to have your suggestions for improvements or new ideas new ideas.

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